Summer's bright side

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Today he died, the first boy that I met who could appreciate ... ow ow ow. He was more of a chemical than a physical, or so it goes. You never met him my dearest kite, but he was a good imaginary friend.

it's embarrassing to need someone the way i do you

Yesterday I went to the fabulous -Crown market- let me tell you, not filled with the kinds of queens you'd expect. There my perspective of socio-economic macro universe kept on shifting, I realized that the true face of middle class in this country is not the one the mirror shows, and it's rather ridiculous to think I'm near to understanding all its complexities. I just realize every day how much of a bullshit life is the micro cosmos in which i'm inserted. #whiteboyproblems

We're always touching by underground wires

There's this pilot:

Ever since I was six-teen, the reason I got up for school, the thing I thought about while walking home, the words I repeated to myself to go trough silly angst was this short-film contest. Since I found an old camera in the house when I was five, and I discovered I could steal the light, mess with time and make up stories that would last forever (i.e. making shitty movies) I was hooked. Then, when my dream was to be fucking Spilberg or something (yes, I knew nothing about movies), and because I had a gazillion friends entering high school, I devoted my lonely life to winning the Sunnylane High schools Initiative for Nacreous Expertises: SHINE. Because that's what you do when you're young and merry right? Focus on your passion and wait for things to be bliss.

Well, if you expect this to be the story of hard work, glory and the value of friendship better turn on the Disney Channel and leave this. This is not about your dreams coming true, or the great perhaps within the film industry, it's rather a chronicle of the fall down of naive minds into decadence, failure, and why not? selling your body in front of thousands(?) of people. But don't get me wrong... it's not like I'm not having the time of my life.

[high school story cliques killed. obviously story would need to be tropicalized]

It seems as if we weren't made for this world!

Lately I've been going back to the beginning of many things. Video games, extra-nerdy stuff, the vampire slayer, old series, old ideas, old friends. As if subconsciously I was searching a time, the matter is, I think this is not the kind of nostalgia that aches within because things happened in the past, but a nostalgia for events that never happened, and places that never existed. an people i've never met.

Meanwhile in Narnia, he found himself in an empty desert.

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My dearest penguin,
Sometimes it's just that the sun is out and it melts the snow that fell yesterday. Then, it makes you wonder why it bothered. Until you sometimes forget that things really happened. Not as the action movie or soap opera we expect it to be, but in someways we just end up finding ourselves searching for our old selves.
Let's just say our film is realistic, not beautiful (or entertaining for that matter).
En fin... we've had our season finales. ;)
Cheers mate!