The tripod

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I'm sure you remember this movie. It won Sundance 2004 I think. Because of the unpredictable plot, the deep characters and their powerful gender equity message. You loved the film, remember?

Please don't think I'm stealing a conversation of ours to do a post. (I don't usually do it this shamelessly).

About this blockbuster you only have to remember the ending. "I will always remember... the tripod"

Sure, the characters are never really joined in brotherhood-like adventures until the very end, but who cares. They're the fucking tripod.

And yes, this is lame, and such, but this is tots our movie. The same feeling of pathetic noobishness and unadventures that makes this movie plot-bearable are the kind of crap we went trough. And I wouldn't change it for the world, my dearest tripod.

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This masterpiece of cinematography might not show us the beauty of a well developed storyline, nevertheless my dear friends. The tripod is what still is. I can't stop thinking about the tripod, and everything around it. Thank you. :)