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Blogs were supposed to be this sort of proto-tumblr where one would tell his adventures in the web right? I mean, nowadays it's rather a collection of pseudo-diary records/opinions with poetic/political aspirations. I'm 100% sure I've talked about this before, but who cares (remembers)?

Today I'll show you I'm the penguin at his most pop. Showing you one of my favorite photographers, which in the eyes of alternative/hipsters would be sacrilege for being so commercial, but ask me if I care. He's a father fucking genius.

Without further ado, I present you very talented: David LaChapelle

must see: this, and this
I don't want your ugly, I don't want your disease, because in the long run it's not gonna be free

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:) You can fight the mainstreaminess by saying you saw it in your local museum. ;)